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Marketing to Gen Z

Are you a company that sells a product to Gen Z?! Are you a service and your target audience is Gen Z?! Do you own a corporation and want a better presence on social media?! Do you want to learn how to market to Gen Z? If any of the following apply, your in the right place.

Marketing Basics:

Since you know your target audience, you are already part of the way complete! Whenever a product or service is marketed identifying your consumer is the first step. Next we must determine who specifically within the age range will use your product. Are you a sustainable flash card company who is marketing to environmentally conscious students? Or maybe you are a shoe company who sells sneakers for basketball players. Identifying both the demographics and characteristics of your consumers is a MUST.

So now what? Now you must determine what platforms your average consumer uses. Are all the teens using tiktok? Are all investors reading the Wall Street Journal? Whether through experimental design, or surveying understanding which platforms your consumers use will make a large difference in your success.

Gen Z specifically utilizes social media. So using tiktok and Instagram algorithms and hashtags to optimize the chances your target consumer sees your video is a great way to market your product. Similarly, reaching out to influencers to offer a free product in return for a video with your product is a good way to market your product.

Think to yourself: who wants this? And how will they see this?

It’s not only about having a good product it’s about spreading the word to your consumers.

Similarly being featured in magazines and news articles will help gain traction for your business. The more positivity on the internet, the better.

But now let’s say the product is perfect, but a Gen Zer clicks on your website and sees words words and too many words. You need to create a brand story that will resonate with your specific viewers. Whether it be with color theory, images, tone or a mix of everything having a consistent aesthetic will only help you in the long run.

Now what else?

Well I’ll include a few more Gen Z specific tips

Show your values: Gen - Z tends to lean more progressive than other generations. Are you a company that cares about the environment? Female empowerment? Safety? Using your companies morals in marketing can help your product stand out amongst competition.

Define your Competitive Advantage: Having a clear value set can act as a competitive advantage. A competitive advantage is what makes consumers choose you over your competition. Whether it’s better prices or high quality material or donating 1% of profits to charity, think to yourself why should one choose you?

Use slang: If a company is selling to Gen Z, they should talk like Gen Z. Would you rather a company that uses your own language or language you associate with the 1800s? Talk through your socials as if directly to them, not at them.

Use testimonials/ real customers: studies have proven that Gen Z likes to see honest feedback from fellow consumers rather than paid actors. Would you trust someone who wears the perfume daily or someone paid $1000 to say it is great. Similarly, take what your customers love and sell it. Do they love the packaging or they distinct after smell? Use positive feedback you are given and sell that to customers.

Clarity: Be concise in your ads. Gen Zers do not have a long attention span (they are so used to clicking and scrolling). By choosing visuals and few words your point will be more effective than a one minute advertisement.

Stay up to date: Using trends to market your product is a EFFECTIVE STRATEGY. If you are able to tie your service to news or whatever is popular, DO IT.

Lumaire Agency helps you do all the above and more. If you are ready to transform your company, reach out!

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