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Jobs At Lumaire Agency

If you are interested in any of the job opportunities, please email with your name and position interested in, to receive the application materials

Outreach Coordinator/Advancement Officer  

This commission based paid position is for those interested in serving as a bridge between Lumaire Agency and new opportunities. Your primary role would be to find small-medium companies who are ready to take their company to the next level. Outreach coordinator/Advancement Officer will also be in charge of finding grants, conferences, and other opportunities for the advancement of Lumaire Agency. They will also update Lumaire's socials and blog with new and intriguing content. All those interested in communications, social media management and fundraising are encouraged to apply. 

Summer internship Program (2024) 


An intern would work on creating media lists, pitches, creative content, and visual representation. Additionally, interns would help to brainstorm campaigns and stories. All interns should feel confident in their communication and technological skills. Interns should also feel comfortable in their writing abilities. Artistic skills are a great plus! There is room for tailoring an internship towards your strengths and interests. Anyone interested in communications, marketing, business management, public relations, social media management etc. should apply. Both highschoolers and college students encouraged to apply for an internship.

Research Analyst

This position is for those interested in learning more about current events and their intersection with media relations. This is a super low-stakes position in which we would train you to better your writing skills, while creating meaningful work doing what you love. 

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