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Casey Gottlieb
Founder of Lumaire Agency

 Casey is a driven and ambitious individual who is passionate about making a positive impact in her community. Through Public Forum Debate, Model United Nations and civic engagement work she found a passion for communication. Casey started working for Caitlyn Kelly Agency where she created Media Lists, worked on Placements, helped with Pitches, and Press Releases. After, she gained additional experience by creating media marketing content for local NYC businesses.  You can catch her listening to marketing and communications podcasts on Spotify. As a Gen Z member she understands how to reach and resonate in the minds of fellow Gen Zers. Casey has since been working with a variety of clients, both local and international, and knows she can help form your company's image. While PR is not Casey's end all, creating a business, and servicing  customers is exactly the experience she is hoping to and have gained.

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